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Road to Marrakech - Innovation is Your Way Back to Africa!ūüöÄūüíę

We believe that the diaspora is a powerful force for economic growth, innovation, and development.
We believe in YOU!
Through sustainability & innovation, you can unleash your potential and make an indelible impact in Morocco & the rest of African countries.
Road to Marrakech is your gateway to a vibrant community, valuable resources, and unparalleled support on your journey towards building thriving businesses and driving positive change.

We are looking for innovative Startups and entreprneurs who have built or are developing a solution in the following categories:

 1- Sustainable Tomorrow: Responsible Solutions for a Better FutureūüĆüūüí°


2- Stimulating Innovation in Creative and Disruptive Industries - Dare to be Disruptive! ūüí•ūüé®


 3-Addressing Climate Change and its Impact in AfricaūüĒ•ūüĆć


Eligibility Criteria

Are you an entrepreneur from the African diaspora ? Do you have a startup, or an innovative idea that could make a significant impact in the sectors of Sustainability, Innovation and Creative & Disruptive Industries, or Climate Change and its impact in Africa?!ūüöÄūüíę 

Belonging to the African diaspora:

The startup must be founded or co-founded by entrepreneurs of African origin.

Startup Business Sector:

Your project needs to align with one or more of the following categories:
2-Innovation, creative and disruptive industries
3-Climate change, and its impact in Africa.

Startup Maturity Stage:

An epic journey for each stage: from the sparkling idea to the triumphant launch, through the rapid growth and legendary expansion! All ideas, prototypes, MVPs, and projects are welcome. 

Impact on Morocco and the African Continent:

The project you propose must aim to have a significant impact on Morocco or the African continent. We are seeking ideas that will make a substantial difference in the communities they serve, contribute to the improvement of people's lives, and lead to sustainable growth and development.

Enchanting opportunities await you - Dive into the adventure! ūüí•ūüöÄ

Revel in the embrace of our exclusive privileges reserved for the chosen ones: ūüíęūüĆü

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Join us to meet experienced mentors and industry experts who are eager to share the keys to success. With vast experience across various sectors, they'll guide you through the ups and downs of your Startup journey, helping you refine your strategies and overcome challenges.ūüíľūüĒć


We understand that every startup has unique needs. Therefore, we offer a 14 to 16 Weeks of TAILOR MADE program designed around your specific requirements and objectives. This tailored approach ensures you receive the most relevant and impactful guidance. ūü§Ěūüíľ


We'll be delighted to connect you with potential investors capable of funding your projects and startups. ūüĒóūüíįūüöÄ


Dive into our state-of-the-art FabLabs and TechLabs where you can transform your ideas into tangible prototypes. Our advanced facilities provide the perfect environment to explore, innovate, and create.ūüĆĪūüĆüūüíľ


Emerge as the star of Marrakech, flaunting your ideas and projects at our prestigious event, basking in global adoration. ūüĆüūüíę

Time is running out! Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities! Apply before September 10th, 2023, and take your startup to new heights!ūüöÄūüíľ