#Food Safety.

In 2040, the world is going through a particular context never seen before. A situation of development and growth in artificial intelligence and very advanced know-how, but the technological advancement has neglected the cause of the demographic shock. Today (2040) the world has a total of 15 billion inhabitants and the first issue not calculated by international organizations are food insecurity. Africa at the center of the world, a particularly impacted continent still in the process of development is in a critical situation given the overpopulation.


Find a solution to food insecurity on the African continent to overcome this triangular crisis (it is a political, economic, and social crisis) in order to implement it now in 2022.


 water is one of the most important and widely used substances in the food processing industry Food industry.

How we can deal with climate change to secure our food needs.

Agricultural biotechnology has been used to improve the nutritional content and quantity of a variety of crops in an effort to meet the needs of an increasing population.

Tackling food loss and waste as a lever for a better food future for all.

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