You seed it,

We grow it

OCP Group is opening up to young start-ups, innovative SMEs and researchers through The Next Seed, to collaborate together to solve strategic challenges while benefitting from the support of a virtuous ecosystem.

"The Next Seed" is an Open Innovation platform that offers fertile soil to innovate, collaborate and sprout creative shared-value solutions.

OCP Group believes in Open Innovation’s capacity to provide access to Innovation, agility and talents that could optimize operational excellence and development of innovative services, in the conquest of disruptive and futuristic solutions.

The Next Seed is fertile soil for Innovation grounded in collaboration with innovators in order to integrate their solutions in the value chain and the Group’s professions.

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Join the seeds

of the future!

Learn about the operational challenges for the Group’s professions, calls for applications, incubation and acceleration programs, hackathons, etc. on the platform, where you can also show your expertise.

Benefit from fertile soil

to sprout your seeds of innovation

Access to a virtuous and rich ecosystem with international reach

The OCP ecosystem is one of the market’s most versatile on both the national and international levels. It is composed of universities, research laboratories, training centers, innovation hub and support programs. It is a dynamic and welcoming environment that allowing access to resources, training, equipment and a professional network.

Infrastructure to experiment with your solutions in the Group and its ecosystem

OCP Group gives startups the opportunity to access its experimental infrastructures. The Group’s entire value chain is marked by experimentation grounds (e.g., experimental mine and factory) with a solid innovation system (e.g., fab lab, Digital Lab, incubators) thus allowing to develop and test the most innovative solutions in the Group.

Mentoring from OCP Group experts or its ecosystem

Start-ups will have access to a vast network of experts and also benefit from a high value-added mentoring system.

A complete service offer for your development

A complete support system has been made available to the Group’s innovative partners: business acceleration, technological acceleration, networking and connecting, and visibility at both the national and international levels.

The challenges and other initiatives of The Next Seed
will focus on 5 major themes


OCP Group contributes to feeding a growing worldwide population by providing it with the elements essential to soil fertility and plant growth.

Industry Mine 4.0

OCP Group’s operations cover all of the phosphate value chain, from mining to export, via industrial transformation.


As holders responsible for the largest phosphate reserves in the world, OCP Group is responsible for acting as sustainably as possible.


Given its industrial transformation program on the 2025 horizon, OCP Group is continuously optimizing its supply chain in order to double the capacity of mining extraction and triple the transformation capacity.

Smart Cities

OCP Group and UM6P launched innovative projects in the field of “smart cities” (mobility, IoT, Real Estate & Construction, Energy & Sustainability) like the intelligent city of Benguerir.

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OCP plays an important role in feeding a growing global population, by providing essential elements for soil fertility and plant growth. With a century of experience and revenues reaching US$ 5.9 billion in 2020. OCP is a leader in plant nutrition and the world’s first producer of phosphate-based fertilizers. OCP provides a wide range of customized fertilizer products to enhance soil, increase agricultural yields, and help feed the planet in a sustainable and affordable way. Headquartered in Morocco and present on five continents, OCP works in close partnership with more than 350 customers across the world. Closer to home, OCP is committed to help drive forward Africa’s environmental and social development and implement sustainable and prosperous agriculture through innovation. The Group is firmly convinced that leadership and profitability are necessarily synonymous with social responsibility and sustainable development. Its strategic vision is rooted in the meeting of these two dimensions